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Migawari Fudoo 身代わり不動尊 Fudo as Substitute
Vicarious Protector

wagami no kawari ni わが身の代わりに "instead of my own body"

To help people in distress and protect from disaster and catastrophies.

. Migawari ... the deities substitute for us .  

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Inunaki san, Shippoo Ryuuji 犬鳴山(七宝龍寺)


On the walk toward the temple there are also seven waterfalls.
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Substitute Fudo from Oyama



Banshooji 万松寺 Bansho-Ji
3-29-12 Osu, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi

When Nagoya Castle was under construction by Kato Kiyomasa, Bansho-ji was moved from the castle grounds to its present site and the stone statue of Fudomyo-o was transferred with the other temple furnishings as one of the Bansho-ji's Treasures. This image has an interesting story.

In 1570, when Nobunaga was returning from his victory over the Asakura clan in Echizen he was hit in the chest by bullets from rifleman-priests as he passed an ambush near the north shore of Lake Biwa. The shots would have been fatal had it not been for the fact that the priest at Bansho-ji had given Nobunaga some emergency rations in the form of dried rice cakes, knowing that Nobunaga was quite fond of the delicacy.

Nobunaga had stuffed them inside his breastplate until needed and when the accurate fire of the riflemen probed for his heart, the bullets did not reach his soft flesh for they came to rest in the tough slab of hardened rice cake. Nobunaga believed that Fudomyo-o had interceded in his behalf and vicariously took the impact of the rifle slugs in the substitute flesh of the rice cakes.

Forty years later, when Kato Kiyomasa was building Nagoya Castle, he heard this story and named the statue Migawari Fudomyo-o, suggesting that it could divert misfortune from its devotees by acting as their substitute when menaced by disaster. The people in the vicinity ascribed the magic powers to the rice cakes and the tea stall in front of the temple did a lively business; for the people not only relished them as a delicacy, but considered them as an effective amulet against misfortune.

The teastall has long since disappeared, but, in order to preserve the tradition, rice is pounded into dough for rice cakes within the precincts of Bansho-ji on the 28th day of each month to serve to visitors. The Migawari protection provided by Fudomyo-o has attracted the attention of many automobile drivers who pray that the deity will be their substitute when danger threatens.

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a whole "shoping street" with eateries along the access road

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a row of red lanterns 提灯列 in the access road


Hoju-ji Temple Goma Fire Memorial Service
November 15 (Wed)
法住寺 Hoojuu-Ji Temple in Kyoto

Migawari Fudoson Festival
Flute and Japanese koto harp performance: 13:00
Fire ceremony: 14:00-16:00; Oni hogaku and Yamabushi Mondo: tengu goblins and three other goblins (red blue and black) will dance around the Fudo-do Hall.

Hoju-ji Temple is the old site of a residence belonging to Emperor Goshirakawa and its Migawari Fudo statue is very famous.

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Temple Shojo Ke In, 清浄華院

At the temple Mii-Dera, the priest, Chikyo 智興
... read it HERE:
Naki Fudo .. Weeping Fudo, Crying Fudo 泣き不動絵巻


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高津区 身代わり不動大明王院


小豆島 山岳霊場・西の滝


There are more temples with statues of this beneficial Fudo Myo-O.

. 武相不動尊二十八所 - Busoo / Buso
28 temples in Musashino and Sagami .

02 身代り不動尊 大明王院 川崎本山 身代り不動尊 - Migawari Fudo
. 02 大明王院 Daimyo-O-In .
. 11 観音寺 Kannon-Ji .

. 北関東三十六不動尊霊場
36 Fudo Temples in Northern Kanto .

10 清池山 - 医王寺 - 黄金身代わり不動尊 - Koganei Migawari Fudo
14 如意山 - 吉祥院 延命寺 - 身代わり不動尊 - Migawari Fudo
25 法満山 一乗院 - 身代わり不動尊 - Migawari Fudo

. 九州88ヶ所108霊場
Kyushu - 88 and 108 Henro temples .

Nr. 108 Chinkoku-Ji, Oku no In 鎮国寺 奥の院

. 東北三十六不動尊霊場
36 Fudo temples in Tohoku .

16 弘法寺 高野山真言宗 - 身代り不動 Migawari Fudo
25 観音寺 天台宗別格本山 - 身代不動 - Migawari Fudo

- Shikoku Henro Pilgrims 四国遍路
. Temple Nr. 06 . Fudo-In . 不動院 .
. Temple Nr. 22 . Koryu-Ji (Kooryuuji) . 興隆寺 .

. Temple Nr. 16 . Gokuraku-Ji . 極楽寺 .

- Kyushi Henro Pilgrims 九州八十八ヵ所百八霊場巡り
Jooshin In 浄心院 Joshin-In - Fukuoka

. Kirimomi Fudo - Wakayama 錐もみ不動明王.

. Koobooji 弘法寺 Kobo-Ji . - Tsugaru, Aomori

. Go Dai son 五大尊 Five Great Ones .



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Gabi Greve - Darumapedia said...

- 身代山 Migaweari san 玉泉寺 Gyokusen-Ji  鏡照院 Kyosho-In
港区西新橋3-14-3 / 3 Chome-14-3 Nishishinbashi, Minato ward
The main statue is 身代不動明王 Migawari Fudo, said to be carved by Kobo Daishi.
Related to the shrine 愛宕神社 Atago Jinja.

Gabi Greve said...

Migawari Fudo at 法満山 Homanzan 一乗院 Ichijo-In
茨城県那珂市の飯田 / Ibaraki, Naka city