pokkuri sudden death

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pokkuri  ぽっくり to pray for a sudden death,
"drop dead" - "pop off"
pokkuri Fudoo ポックリ不動尊  / ぽっくり不動尊
Fudo to grant a sudden death - Pokkuri Fudo

".. old people want to die without suffering from long-term illness so that their family members would not have to provide care for them such as helping them to the toilet and changing diapers."
. pokkuri  ぽっくり amulets for a sudden death, .  

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- - - - - Gunma prefecture

Joorakuji 常楽寺 Joraku-Ji Jorakuji
光明山 常楽寺 Jorakuji
群馬県館林市木戸町580, Tatebayashi town

This is temple Nr. 15 of the Henro Pilgrimage to 88 temples in Kanto 関東八十八ヶ所霊場.
The founder of this temple was 行基 Gyoki

The main statue is of Fudo Myo-O, called

gankake Fudo 願かけ不動 Fudo to make a wish
pokkuri Fudoo Son ぽっくり不動尊 Fudo to grant a sudden death

The chant of the temple is
じょうらくの かねのひびきか あかつきの 
うきよのゆめや おどろかすらん

. Gyooki Bosatsu 行基菩薩 Gyoki .
(668-749 AD)

There is also a
yakimochi Jizoo やきもち地蔵 Jizo for jealousy, a favorite of the ladies.

This male Jizo fell in love with a female Jizo 日限り女地蔵 in the nearby temple 深諦寺.
Every night he went to the embankment of the neaby river to meet her. So the head priest ordered a fence built around the statue so he could not escape any more. Since then his nightly outings have stopped.
The patrons of the temple now brought yakimochi 焼餅 grilled ricecakes (a pun with the word for "jealousy") as offerings to this statue.

- source more photos : blogs.yahoo.co.jp/nijuuniya2012

. Jizoo Bosatsu 地蔵菩薩 Jizo Bosatsu .

yakimochi やきもち (焼き餅) to roast mochi over hot ambers
a pun on the sounds of YAKI and KIMOCHI
to be jealous of someone 妬き餅、嫉妬 yakimochi
- - - - - and
. Yakimochi Fudoo Son 焼き餅不動尊 .
at the shrine Takabayashi Jinja 高林神社, Gunma, Ota Village 太田


Joraku-Ji in Kamakura 鎌倉 常楽寺

- reference : kamakura jorakuji -


Keishooji 桂昌寺 Keisho-Ji
群馬県安中市下秋間112, Annaka town, Gunma

The Fudo is located in a small sanctuary at the back mountain of this temple.
There is quite a steep slope down from the road to the Fudo Hall.

- source : endingplanner.com

- - - - -

Fudoo Inu Myoo-oo son 聖不動威怒明王尊 Fudo Myo-O

The statue had been lost in a landslide near a hot spring, and been found  through a statement in the dream.
The fourth priest of the temple, 乾海和尚 Keikai, took a closer look at it in 1700 and found that the pattern of the halo had been scratched with the pure nails, so he called the statue

tsumebiki fudoo 爪引き不動 Fudo drawn with nails.

This statue is well loved by the people around under the name
pokkuri Fudo ポックリ不動

- source : gpnotebook.gunmablog.net

- - - - -

This temple is also famous for a large bell dedicated by the feudal lord Ii Naoyoshi to pray for the soul of his wife, Choosei-In.
The bell was cast in 1663, but its sound went bad. So it was re-cast in 1850 in Takasaki.
- reference : www.city.annaka.gunma.jp


- - - - - Ibaraki prefecture

Jikooji 慈光寺 Jiko-Ji
茨城県坂東市弓田388 - Bando Town, Yumita

This temple is nr. 35 of the pilgrimage to 36 Fudo temples in Northern Kanto
It is closely related to the legends of Taira no Masakado 平将門.
It was built in 746 by a disciple of Gyoki Bosatsu to bring peace to the region, and Fudo Myo-O seemed the best deity to help with that job.
During the Warring States period (around 1575) the statue which was made of strong gingko tree wood, survived a fire and was placed in the Amida hall.

Together with Amida, Fudo now helped old people to "break off like an old piece of wood" and have a peaceful death.

inside the Fudo Hall

The main statue of this temple is Pokkuri Fudo.

The chant of the temple is
慈光てら 大慈大悲の みひかりは 
こころのやみも てらすなりけり

stamp from the temple

- reference : www.k36fudo.com

. Taira Masakado 平将門(平將門) .
(? - 940)

. 北関東三十六不動尊霊場
Pilgrimage to 36 Fudo Temples in Northern Kanto .


. pokkuri  ぽっくり amulets for a sudden death .  



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