Shikoku Fudo 02

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Fudo Pilgrims in Shikoku

Temple Nr. 02 . Jigenji . 慈眼寺

第2番 麿日山 慈眼寺 高野山真言宗
徳島県阿波郡阿波町谷島 22 0883-35-3010

穴禅定の寺 Anazenjoo no Tera

The main statue is a Kannon with 11 heads.

This temple is also the "Mountain Sanctuary" of Kakurin-Ji 鶴林寺.
Kobo Daishi practised austerities here when he was 19 years old. He had a dream and found a cave nearby. To rid the cave of evil spirits he performed a fire ritual and banned the evil dragon into the walls of the cave. You can visit this cave, which is about 100 meters long, with a guide from the temple.

"Mouse Fudo", Nezumi Fudo 鼠不動

Seitaka Doji 制叱迦童子 (Cetaka)

© PHOTO : www.rokuriyu.or.jp

on shuyo toba unbatta
おん しゆと とば うんばつた

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This temple is also Nr. 3 on the special temples of the pilgrimage to 88 temples in Shikoku.


Nezumi Fudo . 鼠不動 . Mouse Fudo
temple Eikyu-Ji (Eikyuuji) 永久寺 in Tokyo

Fudo Pilgrims in Shikoku

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