Osame no Daishi

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終大師 Shimai Daishi, Osame no Daishi

the Last Daishi Ceremony of the Year

December 21
The 21st is the Memorial Day for Kobo Daishi, celebrated every month. But the ones in January (Hatsu Daishi) and December are most famous.

Maybe the most famous of these fairs cum ceremonies is held at the temple Toji (Too-Ji 東寺) in Kyoto. Since 1244, when Kukai took residence in the Mieido Hall, a market was held there on each 21 of the month.


Kawasaki (near Tokyo) also has a famous fair. 川崎大師
Here is a quote:

"Osame no" are end-of-year fairs typically set in the grounds of a temple, and for lovers of bric-a-brac and collectables they may just represent an opportunity to acquire an item of rare antiquity or singular beauty. No matter how experienced, every prospector needs a bit of good fortune, hence the numbers who attend the fair at Nishiarai Daishi. Among Japanese Buddhists, this temple is recognised as the place to acquire spiritual protection against evil – including dodgy traders, one presumes.

Lucky charms can be burned for good luck in the future, and it's a great time to pick up authentic paraphernalia such as Dharma dolls (Daruma dolls) and battledores (decorated wooden rackets).










This day is also celebrated in many Kobo Daishi Temples in America, for exaple at the Northern California Koyasan Temple.



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Kigo for Mid-Winter

shimai Daishi 終い大師
osame no Daish, osame Daishi 納めの大師
hate no Daishi 果ての大師
shimai Kooboo (shimai Kobo) 終弘法


Kukai, Kobo Daishi 弘法大師 空海 (Kuukai, Kooboo Daishi)

Koya San in Wakayama 高野山

Osame-Fudo, osame fudoo 納不動

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