Goshiki Fudo / Fudo in five colors

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The Eyes of Fudo Myo-O 不動明王の目

8 The left eye is closed, the right one wide open.
8 左の目を閉じ右の目を開いている.

tenchigan, tenchi gan 天地眼
"eyes (and teeth) of heaven and earth"
The left eye is facing heaven, the right eye is facing earth.
The same holds for his left and right fang.

. 19 Characteristic Signs of Fudo Myo-O .
不動十九観 / 不動十九相観

The left eye is squinting or looking askance.

- quote
His face is characterized by the tenichi-gan arrangement of the teeth and eyes: the right eye is open and swollen, looking straight ahead, with the bottom right tooth pointing up;
the left eye is downcast and narrowed while the top left tooth projects downward.
- source : www.humanities360.com

Sample from Rokusho Kitan 六菖綺譚

source : www.rokushokitan.com


The eyes (or rather the one open eye) can be made from some other sparkling material.

source : auctions.yahoo.co.jp

gyokugan 玉眼 inset crystal eyes
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Or it can be carved.
. Shoobooji 正法寺 Shobo-Ji . - Shiga
eyes carved from hinoki pine


江戸の五色不動明王 Goshiki Fudo
The Five Fudo with different colored eyes in Edo


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Good explanation in Japanese:

My Article about the symbol of the five colors
- Goshiki Color Symbols -

Temple Ryusenji (Meguro Fudo 目黒不動) is the oldest Fudo temple in Japan and counted as one of Japan’s three largest Fudo temples, the 18th temple of the Kanto Pilgrimage Temples of 36 Fudo Myo-O, one of Edo Goshiki Fudo (Five Different-colored Fudo statues in Edo) to protect the Castle of Edo.


日本語のリンク Japanese LINKS

五色不動 各寺院の沿革

Meguro Black 目黒不動 天台宗 龍泉寺 

Mejiro White 目白不動 真言宗 豊山派金乗院 
(豊島区高田2丁目)もと新長谷寺 (文京区関口2丁目)にあったが戦災で廃寺になったために金乗院に移転。

Me-ao Green (blue) 目青不動 天台宗 教学院 

Me-aka Red 目赤不動 天台宗 南谷寺 (文京区本駒込1丁目)もともと三重県赤目山で授かった赤目不動が本尊で、家光の勅令で目赤に改名。

Meki Yellow 目黄不動 天台宗 永久寺 
(台東区三輪2丁目)と天台宗 最勝寺(江戸川区平井1丁目 旧所在地は、本所区東駒形)目黄不動だけは、なぜか複数存在する。他にも渋谷の龍巖寺など全部で六ヶ所あるようだ。(未確認情報)

Map of the temples

© http://suzuki-t.hp.infoseek.co.jp/5fudou.htm


Aka Fudo 目赤不動 Red

Aoi Fudo 青不動 Blue .

. Ki Fudo 黄不動 Yellow .
- and
. Konjiki 金色不動明王 Golden Fudo .

Kuro Fudo 黒不動 Black

Shiro Fudo 白不動明王 White


goma seihai 護摩聖灰 sacred ashes from a Goma fire ritual
in Fudo five colors (goshiki)

. Fukagawa Fudo Do (Fudoo Doo) 深川不動堂 .




Gabi Greve - Darumapedia said...

Pilgrimage in Fukushima

Aizu Goshiki Fudo - Five Colors, Five Temples
Aizu Wakagaeri Goshiki Fudo son

Anonymous said...

Goshiki Fudo – The Five Fudo Temples of Tokyo
by Zack Davisson
Sourced from Japanese Wikipedia, OnMarkProductions, Hamadayori.com, and Other Sources
Five temples stand guard at strategic stations around the city of Tokyo, each at different points on a pentagram. Inside these five temples are five statues of the god Fudo; each statue has eyes of a different color, completing a magical circle of protection that guards the city from harm and ensures its prosperity.
This mystical circuit is called the Goshiki Fudo—the Five Fudo Temples—and still protects Tokyo to this day.

Gabi Greve said...

Kyoogakuin 教学院 Kyogaku-In - Taishido
竹園山 Takezonozan 教学院 Kyogaku-In 最勝寺 Saisho-Ji

目青不動 the Fudo with blue eyes was moved here.