Senryu-Ji North Kanto 13

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Senryuuji 泉龍寺 Senryu-Ji

Nr. 13 御瀧山 - 明王院 Myo-O In 泉龍寺 - Otome Fudo 乙女不動尊
泉龍寺 Senryu-Ji
Tochigi prefecture 口密の道場 - kumitsu

. 北関東三十六不動尊霊場
36 Fudo Temples in Northern Kanto .


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栃木県小山市乙女1-25-8 / 1 Chome-25-8 Otome, Oyama-shi, Tochigi

The temple has been founded by Rooben 良弁 Roben in 765.
The bell tower has been reconstructed in 1844.
There is also a Benzaiten Pond 弁財天池 and Hyotan Pond ひょうたん池 in the precincts.

. 良弁僧正 Roben Sojo .
(689 - 773)

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Dragon carving above the entry


mizukake Otome Fudo 水掛け乙女不動尊 in the compound

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The main Fudo Statue has been declared a sacred and hidden by Saint Akimoto 淳元上人 in 1714 during a reconstruction of the temple. It is hidden behind the closed doors of its sanctuary and should not been shown again. Later it was shown every 25 years.
The statue is 5尺 high.
Before showing the statue, there are special rituals to be performed
omoirkae, o-morikae 御守替 and kangen omorikae 還元御守替.

When the statue had to be re-located to the main hall due to repair work in its own hall in the beginning of the Showa period, many unmarried men of the village had to perform severe purification rituals before carrying the statue to the main hall - and later back to the repaired Fudo Hall.

The next showing of the statue 本尊大開帳 is scheduled for 2016.

In the summer of 1995 the Fudo Hall was hit by lightning and a fire started. Thanks to the quick action of the head priest, the statue was transported outside and the Fudo had again shown his power of hibuse - surviving a fire.
The following year the burned beams and decorations of the temple were renewed and now the Fudo Statue is in its own space again.


Scroll about the History of the Fudo Temple

Once upon a time,
an unknown monk came to the lake of Chuzen-Ji in Nikko to make ablutions in the waters and pray. After 100 days his vow was fulfilled. On the surface of the lake he saw a beautiful light coming near him. It was a statue of Fudo Myo-O - says the legend.
The monk was overwhelmed with joy and cried, taking the statue in his arms. Then he followed flow of the river, walking down the waterfall, all the way South. He prayed:
"Please, please let me find the right place where I can be of help to all people past, present and future."

During the daytime he walked down at the riverside, at night he slept in the wilderness, always trusting the bond he had established with Fudo Myo-O.
Then one day, when he had reached the small hamlet of Otome 乙女の里, the statue of Fudo Myo-O suddenly became very heavy and he could not continue walking. He placed the statue by his side to rest for a while.
When he tried to pick it up again, the statue had become so heavy it would not move any more.

Now the monk was convinced this was the region Fudo Myo-O had choose for him. So he asked the local people for their permission to build a hall for Fudo and placed the statue there for worship.
The place is now called 不動塚 Fudo Zuka - Fudo Mound in Otome Kanzawa 乙女寒沢.
The Fudo Hall has changed place a few more times and is now at its present location at Fudo Hara 不動原 in the compound of temple 泉龍寺 Senryu-Ji. According to ancient records, the temple had been constructed in 1333.

During the 南北朝 Nanboku Period around 1333 there was a lot of fighting of the Oyama clan 小山義政 (Oyama Yoshimasa, ? - 1382) and the temple was burned down, but the statue was never damaged. So people began to call it

hibuse no Fudo 火伏せの不動 Fudo preventing fire
Fudo protecting from fire
and believed in his power more and more.
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during repair work in the Showa period, they found a small part on his back side scorched by fire.

During the Edo period when Tokugawa Ieyasu passed the region he gave some land to the temple and Fudo, 「不動仏供領」.
Later they built a landing place for boats carrying construction wood for the building of the Toshogu Shrine in Nikko.

In the Mid-Edo period around 1721 the Fudo Hall was in dire need of repair. So the head priest of that time, Saint Akimoto 淳元上人 decided to built it anew. Many people offered money or gold, others came to work for free. Once the hall was finished, the statue was placed behind closed doors as a hidden statue, 秘仏 hibutsu .

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. Hibuse 火伏不動尊 Fudo preventing fire .


- - - - - Yearly Festivals 年中行事

1月  元朝護摩供・初詣
2月  初不動護摩供
3月  春彼岸
5月  蛇祭り
7月  夏不動護摩供・朝顔市 Summer Fudo Festival
8月  お盆
9月  秋彼岸

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There is also a kofun mound called
Otome Kanzawa Kofun 乙女寒沢古墳
in Oyama Town.
栃木県小山市乙女947. - 小山市寒沢古墳

It is about 20 meters in diameter and 3.5 m high.
Said to be from the early to mid-Jomon period.
Close to it is a shrine for Inari 稲荷神社.


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. Pilgrimages to Fudo Temples 不動明王巡礼
Fudo Myo-O Junrei - Introduction .


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Unryuu-in, Unryū-in 雲龍院 Temple in Kyoto
a sub-temple of Sennyū-ji
The temple has two large halls, Ryugeden and Reimeiden, each one with its rather empty garden.
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In 豊中市 Toyonaka (Osaka) is a legend about unryuu 雲龍 Unryu,
a dragon in the clouds

This drgon lived in the nearby pond and was finally allowed to fly up into the clouds.
Every year during the O-Bon dance rituals, it comes back, shapeshifts as a woman and joins the dancers.
Unryu-In 雲龍院 (泉涌寺 Sennyu-Ji 別院)


. Narita Fudo 成田不動尊 .
Temple Shinshooji 新勝寺 Shinsho-Ji

. O-Mamori お守り Amulets and talismans from Japan . 

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