Shoshin-Ji North Kanto 20

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Shooshinji 崇真寺 Shoshin-Ji

Nr. 20 稲毛山 Inagetasan - 金剛王院 Kongo-In
Kai-un Inukiri Fudo 開運犬切り不動尊
Fudo who killed a Dog

Tochigi prefecture 口密の道場 - kumitsu

. 北関東三十六不動尊霊場
36 Fudo Temples in Northern Kanto .


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1400 Inageta, Haga, Haga District, Tochigi
稲毛田山 金剛王院 崇真寺

In the compound of the temple, there is also a

O-hyakudo Fudo お百度不動
Fudo of the 100 prayers circuit

and a scroll of
Byakue Kannon Bosatsu 白衣観音 Byaku-E Kannon

source : town.haga.tochigi.jp

. "100 prayers circuit" (百度参り hyakudo mairi) .
- Introduction -


The Fudo statue of this temple is secret and only shown once in 60 years.
- source : onsanmaya.at.webry.info


- - - - - Homepage of the temple
- source : town.haga.tochigi.jp


- - - - - The legend of
犬切り不動 Fudo who killed a dog
Once upon a time in a temple in Japan
there lived a young priest called Sanchin さんちん, who was quite prone to play pranks and he also liked to eat a lot.

One day san Sanchin was cleaning the main temple hall, he realized that the manju rice cakes, offerings to Fudo Myo-O in the hall, had disappeared. When he reported this to the head priest, he told him "Well, go and search them."
This happened a few more times and the head priest finally thought that Sanchin was the thief, since he liked to eat rice cakes.
"Next time the rice cakes are gone, you will have to leave my temple" he told the acolyte in anger.

One day one of the parishioners had come to bring rice cakes as offerings for Fudo Myo-O. Sanchin, worried about being driven away from the temple, took a large broom and hid behind the hall. waiting for the thief.

That evening, when Sanchan was already half asleep, there was a noise : gattari ガタリ.
When Sanchin looked in the direction of the noise, he saw the floor plank had moved a little and a huge dog had come out. When the huge dog jumpet to Sanchin and bite into his foot, Fudo Myo-O blinked with his wild eyes, moved his large sword and hit the dog.

Next morning when the head priest came into the hall he found Sanchin bleeding on the floor. He asked what happened and Sanchin told him the story of the monster dog. And quite true, on the floor there was also the body of this huge monster dog. And blood dripped from the sword of Fudo Myo-O.
Now it was clear,
the rice cake offerings had been stolen by the huge dog !

As long as the dog had stolen his offerings, Fudo Myo-O had turned a blind eye on the happenings. But when the dog attacked the innocent Sanchin, Fudo got angry and helped him to show he was innocent and saved his life.

That is why the statue of this Fudo is now called
"Fudo Myo-O who killed a dog".
source : manga mukashibanashi

. Legends about Fudo Myo-O 不動様 .


. 犬突き不動 Inu-tsuki Fudo, Fudo piercing a dog  .
慈恩寺 Jion-Ji Yamagata 山形県
Once a mad dog appeared and caused a lot of trouble.
So Fudo took his sword and stabbed the dog to kill him.


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. Pilgrimages to Fudo Temples 不動明王巡礼
Fudo Myo-O Junrei - Introduction .


. Narita Fudo 成田不動尊 .
Temple Shinshooji 新勝寺 Shinsho-Ji

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