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腹ごもり不動明王 / お腹ごもり不動尊
The Pregnant Fudo Myo-O Statue

anzan to kosodate 安産と子育
Fudo granting pregnancy and easy birth

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03 青龍山 龍厳寺 お腹ごもり不動尊 - O-haragomori Fudo
Seiryuuzan 青龍山 Seiryuzan, Ryuuganji 龍厳寺 Ryugan-Ji
Kawasaki 川崎市多摩区堰3-11-25

Fudo made by . 恵心僧都 Eshin Sozu Genshin 源信 .

The main statue is a Sei Kannon 聖観世音菩薩(御丈 五寸)

- Temple chant
じひふかく のりのしがらみ せきとめて
はつせのみづの よどまぬはなし

- Homepage of the temple
- source : junsaigokuinage33kannon.jimdo.com


Saikooji 西光寺 Saiko-Ji, Mie

白山町腹ごもり不動明王 - Hakusancho Village, Mie
A legend of old times, told in Ieki 家城, at South Ieki 南家城 at the temple Saikooji 西光寺 Saiko-Ji:

The parent is young, but the child is old, how come ?

Here is an amazing story about a child that was born before its parents.
The story is told at temple Saikooji 西光寺 and dates back about 1200 or 1300 years.
At that time there came a meandering priest to Ieki and asked for a place to stay over night.
The farmers were kind and one asked him to stay at his simple home.

Next morning the priest took out a Buddha statue from his backpack and presented it to his host.
"This is a talisman Buddha for you to keep!!
And then he left.

The farmer came calling after him:
"Just a moment, please tell me your name."
But the figure of the priest was nowhere to be seen any more.

So the farmer opened the parcel and saw the statue of Fudo Myo-O.
"How wonderful, how special, I don't really deserve this!"
And he prayed to the statue devoutly.
The story went around the village and others suggested that the priest must have been Kukai Kobo Daishi and all prayed to the statue.

Some also gave money and soon there was enough to build the temple Saiko-Ji for the statue.
Thus passed more than 300 years in the village of Ieki.
Another learned priest visited the village and said:

"This is such a special statue of Fudo Myo-O, you can not just keep it like that!"
So he carved a much bigger statue and placed the original small one in it's stomach.
This is why the statue is now called
"The Statue of Pregnant Fudo Myo-O". 腹ごもり不動明王

Since the small statue was carved much earlier, it is said that

"the child is old, but the parent is young".
This venerable statue is now shown every 12 years and many come to pray here.
- reference : www.bunka.pref.mie.lg.jp


Taiseizan 泰清山 Sooanji 窓安寺 Soan-Ji
福井県越前市南3-1-5 - Fukui



- source : geocities.jp/nanasi1955

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