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19 Characteristic Signs of Fudo Myo-O

不動十九観 / 不動十九相観

Fudoo Juukyuu Sansoo
Fudo Jukyu Sanso

Just as Buddha Shakyamuni has 32 characteristic signs, Fudo Myo-O has 19.
They are described in documents of the Tendai sect like the following:

1 He is an incarnation of Dainichi Nyorai.
2 His Mantra has the four letters : a ro kan man .
3 He usually lives in a world of fire.
4 He has the figure of a fat young man, rather unpleasant.
5 He has seven knots in his hair and a lotus blossom on top of them.

6 On his left shoulder a plait of hair hangs down.
7 The wrinkles on his forehead look like water waves.
8 The left eye is closed, the right one wide open. - eyes
9 He bites his right upper lip with the lower teeth and his left lip protrudes.
10 He has his mouth shut strictly.

11 He carries a three-pronged sword in his right hand.
12 He carries a rope in his left hand.
13 He eats the leftover food of ascetic monks.
14 He stands or sits on a throne of stone.
15 His body color is of an unpleasant black-blue-green.

16 His look is fierce and threatening.
17 He has a fiery Garuda bird on his halo.
18 A Kurikara Dragon is wrapped around his sword.
19 He has two child acolytes by his side.

05 - 06 . kami 髪 his hairstyle .
shichi shakei 七沙髻 / benpatsu 一弁髪

07 . suiha 水波相 wrinkles on his forehead .

08 . tenchigan 天地眼 "eyes of heaven and earth" .

09 . kiba 牙 the teeth of Fudo .

11 . gooma riken 降魔利剣 demon-subjugating sharp sword .

12 . kensaku, kenjaku 羂索 rope, lariat, noose .

14 . daiza 台座 seat, throne .

17 . koohai, kōhai 光背 mandorla, halo, Nimbus.

18 . Kurikara sword 倶利伽羅不動剣 .

19 . Sanjuuroku Dooji 三十六童子 36 Attendants .
Kongara 矜迦羅童子(こんがらどうじ)、
Seitaka 制迦童子(せいたかどうじ)


天台僧 安然が、「不動立印儀軌修行次第」により不動明王を想い従うために唱えたもの


(6)左肩に一弁髪を垂らす benpatsu
(7)額に水波(すいは)のようなしわがある suiha


source : www.kyototsuu.jp

Buddha Shakyamuni
Signs of a Great Man 32 and 80


. Ganjoojuin 願成就院 Ganjoju- In, Shizuoka .

The statue of Fudo was carved according to the
19 Characteristic Signs of Fudo Myo-O.




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