Shikoku Fudo 17

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Fudo Pilgrims in Shikoku

Temple Nr. 17 . Soan-Ji (Sooanji) 宗安寺

第17番 朝日山 宗安禅寺 臨済宗妙心路
高知県高知市宗安寺 598 0888-44-3003
〒780-8571 高知市鷹匠町二丁目1番43号

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© PHOTO : 遊遊のお気まま日記

The temple has many old trees in its compound. The river in front of the temple is called Kagamigawa 鏡川.
Once upon a time, during a great long rain, from upstream a statue of Fudo came down the river, hence its name. The statue had been carved by Kobo Daishi himself and been in a temple upstream. The people sorted the statue out of the rubble, the branches and roots of a huge wisteria tree and the debris of the swollen river and built a new temple where it is now, still amidst many old trees.

The temple is related to Chooksokabe 長宗我部 (1539 - 1599) who destroyed it,
and was the family temple of the Yamaichi clan 山一族.

The temple belongs to the Rinzai Zen sect.

source : www.city.kochi.kochi.jp

This statue dates back to the Kamakura period.
It is carved from one piece of hinoki pine wood and is 142.3 cm high.

"Upstream Fudo", Kawakami Fudo 川上不動
One of the three famous Fudo of Japan. 三大不動尊.

Jikenba Doji 持堅婆童子

© PHOTO : www.rokuriyu.or.jp

on manshin darani somaya sowaka
おん まんしん だらに そまや そわか


Three Most Famous Fudo . 三大不動尊

Fudo Pilgrims in Shikoku

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