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Dragon Lore, Naga Raja, Ryuu-Oo 竜王


The dragon shares the cosmic stage with the serpent.
According to a legend, when the Chinese monster Kung Kung battled with the emperor Yao and tore a hole in the sky, it was a dragon who replaced the cavity, causing daylight when it opened its eyes and night with their closure. When this great sky dragon inhaled, it brought forth summer, and by exhalation, winter.

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Excerpt from "Myths and Legends of Japan"
by F. Hadland Davis

The Dragon is undoubtedly the most famous of mythical beasts, but, though Chinese in origin, it has become intimately associated with Japanese mythology. The creature lives for the most part in the ocean, river, or lake, but it has the power of flight and rules over clouds and tempests. The Dragon of China and Japan resemble each other, with the exception that the Japanese Dragon has three claws, while that of the Celestial Kingdom (China) has five.

The Chinese Emperor Yao was said to be the son of a dragon, and many rulers of that country were metaphorically referred to as "dragon-faced."



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