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Pilgrimages to 36 Fudo Temples

Kinki Area



This is a pilgrimage in the Kinki area of Japan. Not bound to any Buddhist sect, anyone can walk it and visit the old temples. It was formed in 1979, based on the belief in Fudo Myo-O.

This Deity spends day and night in the service of us human being, in an ascetic practise called "geza gyoo 下座行". As his disciples, we follow the Fudo Ascetics, 不動行者 and say daily prayers of thanks to him.

 揺るぎないみ心「不動心」 an unmoveable mind

Things you need for the pilgrimage
A special rosary with beads representing FudoMyo-O. You can get one bead at each temple.

A sutra book


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Names of the Temples
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第1番 四天王寺 Shitenno-Ji Osaka
第2番 清水寺 Kiyomizudera Osaka
第3番 法楽寺 Horaku-Ji Osaka
第4番 京善寺 Kyozen-Ji Osaka *
第5番 報恩院 Hoon-Ji Osaka
第6番 太融寺 Taiyu-Ji Osaka

07 . Kokubunji 国分寺 Kokubun-Ji - Osaka .

08 . Fudo-Ji 不動寺 豊中 Toyonaka .

第9番 大龍寺 若王山 Tairyu-Ji - Kobe (Hyogo)
第10番 無動寺 Mudo-Ji - Kobe
11 . 鏑射寺 - Kaburai-Ji, Hyogo, Kobe .
第12番 安岡寺 - Anko-Ji - Osaka
第13番 大覚寺門跡 Daikakuji Monseki - Kyoto
14 . Ninnaji 仁和寺 Ninna-Ji, Kyoto .
第15番 蓮華寺 Renge-Ji - Kyoto

第16番 実相院 三千院 Sanzen-In
16 . Sanzenin 三千院 Sanzen-In - Ohara Kyoto .

第17番 曼殊院門跡
17 . 曼殊院 Ki Fudo Manju-In - 黄不動 Yellow Fudo .

第18番 聖護院門跡 Shogo-In Monseki - Kyoto
第19番 青蓮院門跡 Shoren-In Monseki - Kyoto
第20番 智積院 根来寺 Negoroji Chishaku-In - Kyoto
第21番 同聚院 紫雲山 中山寺 Nakayamadera - Hyogo (Takarazuka)

22 . Kitamukizan Fudo-In 北向山不動院 . - Fushimi, Kyoto

第23番 上醍醐寺 Kamidaigo-Ji - Kyoto
第24番 岩屋寺 Iwaya-Ji - Kyoto

25 . Enman-In Monzeki 円満院門跡 / 圓満院 . Shiga

26. 無動寺明王堂 Mudo-Ji, Myo-O Do - Shiga (Otsu) .
27 - - - - - 無動寺明王堂 Mudo-Ji, Myo-O Do - Shiga (Otsu)

第28番 明王院 Myo-O In - Osaka

29 . Hoozan-Ji 宝山寺 Hozan-Ji - Nara (Ikoma) .

第30番 如意輪寺 Nyoirin-Ji - Nara (Yoshino)
第31番 龍泉寺 Ryusen-Ji - Nara (Yoshino)

第32番 瀧谷不動明王寺 Takidani Fudo Myo-O-Ji
. Takidani Fudo-Ji 滝谷不動明王寺 . - Osaka
... Ichigan Fudo 一願不動堂

第33番七宝瀧寺 Shipporyu-Ji - Osaka - see below -

34 . Negoroji 根来寺 Negoro-Ji . Wakayama

第35番 明王院Myo-O In, at Koya-San - Wakayama
36 Nan-In of Koyasan 高野山別格本山 南院 - Namikiri Fudo Honke 浪切不動尊 総本家 - Wakayama
- source : kinki36fudo.org

- - - - -

Nr. 7 Osaka - 国分寺 Kokubun-Ji - 長柄国分寺 - 大阪市北区国分寺1-6-18
「みのり不動尊 - 実り不動尊」 Minori Fudo Son
"negaigoto ga minoru" 願い事がみのる, may your wish bear fruit and come true!
He stands under a large gingko tree behind the Goma Hall 護摩堂.

There is also a famous mizukake Fudo 水かけ不動尊 to sprinkle water in the compound


Nr. 12 Ankooji 安岡寺 Anko-Ji

- source : Masayoshi - facebook


Nr. 29 Hoozanji 宝山寺 Hozan-Ji
Ikomasan 生駒山

source : www.kinki36fudo.org/29

The main statue is a Shoten 聖天.
Outside is also a mizukake Fudo 水かけ不動.

- quote
'Ikoma-Shoten' 生駒聖天.
The area around Hozan-ji was originally a place for the training of Buddhist monks. The name of the place at that time was Daisho-Mudo-ji (大聖無動寺).

Mount Ikoma was originally an object of worship for the ancient people in the region, and so this area was selected as a place for religious training. The training area is said to have opened in 655 by En no Gyōja 役行者. Many Buddhist monks, including Kobo Daishi Kukai (空海), are said to have trained in here.

Hozan-ji started when Tankai (湛海) re-opened this training area in the 17th century. Tankai set up a statue of Kankiten at this place in 1678, the official year Hozan-ji was established.

In the Edo period, this temple was one of the most popular Buddhist temples in this region.
- - - More in the WIKIPEDIA !

source : iroenpithu-12.boo.jp


Nr. 33 Shippooryuuji 七宝瀧寺 Shipporyu-Ji
8 Ogi, Izumi Sano, Osaka . 大阪府泉佐野市
Inunakisan 犬鳴山

source : facebook - Mitsuhiro Samada

- quote
Inunakisan Shipporyuji Temple,
located halfway up Mt. Inunaki, is the head temple of the Inunaki division, the Shingon sect of Buddhism. The temple was established by En-no-gyoja, an ascetic, in 661 in the reign of Empress Saimei.

The temple has a wooden statue of Kurikara-fudo-myoo, or Fudo-myoo (Acala) incarnated in a dragon, to which the temple is dedicated. Dubbed "Un-morai Fudo (Fudo-myoo from which good fortune is given)," the statue, which represents a dragon winding itself around a sword, is devoutly worshipped as a guardian deity for good fortune and wish fulfillment.

In the reign of Emperor Junna (823_833), prayers offered at this temple resulted in longed-for rain. After this miraculous event, the Emperor named the temple "Shipporyuji," likening the mountain's seven renowned waterfalls (respectively called Ryokai, Toh, Benzaiten, Kotsuki, Oku, Senju, and Nunobiki) to shippo, the seven treasures in Buddhism, including gold and silver.

Meanwhile, the name "Inunakisan (dog-barking mountain)" was given in the reign of Emperor Uda (887_897), based on an episode of a faithful dog; when a hunter went out hunting on the mountain with his dog, he was stalked by a giant snake. The dog barked furiously at the snake, and sacrificed itself to protect its master. Mt. Inunaki, famous for beautiful autumn leaves, is also a popular destination for hiking. On this mountain as a religious training ground for Katsuragi shugen-do (mountaineering asceticism), visitors can participate in a one-day training
- source : www.osaka-info.jp

- Homepage of the temple
- source : www.inunakisan.jp

source : korehisa on facebook


Nr. 36 高野山 Koya San, 南院 Nan-In

. Fudo Myo-O at Mt. Koya 高野山 .
Namikiri Fudo at Nan-In 南院

With many photos :
近畿三十六不動巡礼 : pilgrimari BLOG


Photo by 福嶋憲彦

. 近畿三十六不動尊霊場 - facebook .


. Shiga Prefecture 滋賀県 Fudo Myo-O Temples .

. Pilgrimages to Fudo Temples 不動明王巡礼
Fudo Myo-O Junrei - Fudo Pilgrims in Japan .

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四国三十六不動尊霊場会 ... In Shikoku

SHIKOKU : Pilgrimage to 36 Fudo Temples

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- Introduction -
. Pilgrimages to Fudo Temples 不動明王巡礼
Fudo Myo-O Junrei - Fudo Pilgrims .



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Gabi Greve - Darumapedia said...

Temple Aikyoo-In 愛敬院 Aikyo-In
駒場滝不動尊 Komabataki Waterfall Fudo
55-5 Kamidakinishi, Marumori, Igu District, Miyagi 981-2116
This temple is a sub-temple of the famous Monzeki 聖護院門跡 Shogo-In Monzeki - Nr. 18 of KINKI.